Day 1

My first ever contact with Crossrail was the result of a CPD STEM study visit to the site at Farringdon back in 2011.  So as soon as I arrived at 25 Canada Square, Canary Wharf excited by the prospect of my 2 week Teacher Industrial

Partners placement with Crossrail. Safety in place we were met with security who escorted us to the 28th Floor for our induction programme.  Photos taken for building pass, we were then giveDay 1 (42)

given a 3 hour introduction to Crossrail, understanding the values that underpins Crossrail, the whole project will cost £15 Billion.

After lunch we met with Marit Leenstra

Day 1 (56)

Day 1 (58)

Archaeology Assistant  who delivered an  interesting Presentation  on the archaeology historic finds of skeletons and bones on the various sites around the crossrail links.  We then made our way to Liverpool St where Marit pointed out the areas and places behind the boarding’s where the historic bones were found, and how very important it is that Archaeology and Engineers work very closely together on projects such as these.  It was very fascinating to learn of all this history.  I am looking forward to our trip on Friday  when we head back to Liverpool St  this time beyond the boarding’s  to go down on site to view the tunnels and site of where the bones were found.


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